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08-09 July 2023: Sommerdampf


14.05.2023: Steam locomotive Emma in Luckau

One week after our own spring festival the break was already over for our steam locomotive Emma. Already on Thursday last week she was shunted onto a low loader of the company Auto Ehrig of Schwarzenberg. The company has specialized in the transport of rail vehicles and has the necessary equipment and know-how to carry out such heavy transports. Here are two pictures of the transport before departure in Wittenberge:

After several hours of travel, the transport reached Luckau station in Lower Lusatia early Friday morning, where the locomotive was immediately unloaded.
Luckau station and the adjacent lines are currently operated by DBV Förderverein Niederlausitzer Eisenbahn e.V. Among other things, this association is organizing a station festival in Luckau this weekend, on the occasion of which our steam locomotive Emma will be used for cab rides.
The weather presented itself from the best side on today's Saturday. So already in the early shift of our staff some pictures were taken, which we would like to share with you. Maybe you will have time and opportunity to visit the station festival tomorrow, Sunday? The colleagues from the Niederlausitzer Eisenbahn and Emma are looking forward to seeing you.

vehicle: Emma

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11.05.2023: After the festival is before the festival

We look back with pride on our spring festival last weekend. For the active members of our club it was four exhausting days, but the effort was worth it. First, we started on Thursday before the event to fire up the big steam locomotives 50 3570 and 01 509. This is quite lengthy, because first the coal-fired 50 3570 has to be brought up to operating temperature. That alone takes a good six hours.

With its steam, the oil-fired 01 509 can then be put into operation. Until it can generate steam itself, at least another five hours will pass. The time could be used, however, to carry out some last cosmetic repairs on our layout. The position indicators in the turntable pit were repainted and the pipes inside Emma's boiler were cleaned of soot.

On Friday, the vehicles from the museum stock as well as two guest locomotives were brought into a photo-ready position. We would like to thank the WFL company for allowing us to exhibit the electric locomotive 112 024 and the diesel locomotive 231 012. The former is an electric locomotive of the last GDR generation, which is designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h. It and its sisters still haul passenger trains on the Deutsche Bahn AG network today.

Diesel locomotive 231 012, on the other hand, was built in 1972 for heavy freight service in the former Soviet Union and can travel at a maximum speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). The locomotive was used by DB AG until 1995 and came to its current owner via detours in 2011.

On Saturday and Sunday, we welcomed a total of over 1,600 guests. This is a great success and we are pleased with the lively attendance despite the moderate weather. We believe that we were able to offer a lot. For example, we ran a small special train across the grounds with alternating traction which was provided by the two small steam locomotives Emma and Pritzwalk as well as our class V23 diesel locomotives.

Of course, our exhibits in and in front of the locomotive shed could also be admired from close up.

Also the friendly gentlemen of the transport police were present again, but did not have to intervene. Thank you again for your visit!

The daily highlight was certainly the large vehicle parade on Saturday and Sunday, where we traditionally present our operational vehicles. We were also able to present our diesel locomotive 114 774, which is now operational again and will soon be approved for operations on the German main line network.

The parade was led by one of our trolley cars, followed by several vehicles from the museum stock.

And on Saturday evening we have a special offer for railroad photographers. For them, according to the script, various scenes from the everyday operation 40 years ago were reenacted. All club members wore authentic uniforms for this purpose, of course.

This is a short report from our spring festival 2023. If you are in acute need to see our steam locomotive EMMA in operation, we recommend the station festival in Luckau next weekend. On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the little locomotive was handed over to the trusted hands of the transport company Auto Ehrig from Schwarzenberg, which will bring it to Luckau overnight.

More information about the event in Luckau can be found here:

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, 114 774-3

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30.04.2023: Final spurt before the Spring Festival

The Museum's Spring Festival is approaching in leaps and bounds next weekend. There are still a lot of preparations to be made for this, because we would like to show you some beautiful exhibits. But first things first:
First, the steam locomotive 50 3570 was spray-painted. Fortunately, the weather was dry and windless during the last days, so that the paint could be sprayed under the open sky.

In addition, some exhibits have been moved to other locations so that we can offer you a few new motifs for our festival. For instance, the narrow-gauge locomotive and the steam locomotive 50 3685 were allowed to get some fresh air for once.

The completion of the exterior of wagon 190 851 is also entering its final phase. Newly glazed headlights could be fitted here.

Before we can pump water into our water tower again for our event, painting for corrosion protection had to be completed. The following picture shows the bottom and side wall of the large water tank. In the middle you can see the drain into the large supply pipes to our water cranes.

The active members of the association also had to refresh their theoretical knowledge before the season. For this purpose, a training session was held to discuss, among other things, the signals of the railway or the procedure for shunting.

Last Saturday, some oldtimer friends came by with their Opel cars. The beautiful weather lent itself to taking some souvenir photos in the museum grounds.

Now we would like to draw your attention once again to our festival next weekend. Most of you will already have the date firmly marked in your calendars. Nevertheless, we have produced two Youtube clips to remind you of the event once again.

Please feel free to subscribe to our channel for "moving pictures" of us.
vehicles: 50 3570-4, 50 3685-0, 190 851-6

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18.04.2023: Spring Steam at the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge

On 6 and 7 May 2023 it's that time again: the Historic Engine Shed in Wittenberge invites you to this year's Spring Steam. On both days there will once again be plenty on offer for railway enthusiasts young and old. For example, the two small steam locomotives Emma and Pritzwalk will pull a special train through the grounds. Here you can comfortably explore the large museum grounds at Wittenberg station in a passenger coach from 1920. During the journey, you can even let the wind and a pinch of steam blow around your nose on the outside platforms of the carriage. Or you can ride in the driver's cab on a large freight steam locomotive of the former German Reichsbahn and watch the locomotive crew at work. The active members of the association are also looking forward to presenting the association's own large diesel locomotive 114 774 to the public. It will be able to move under its own power for the first time in a long time. Interested visitors will certainly be able to visit the driver's cab and learn some interesting details about the locomotive from the museum staff. Incidentally, it and many other operational exhibits will also be presented during the parade rides, which will take place on Saturday at 2 pm and on Sunday at 3 pm.
If you're not quite comfortable with that, you can also start small. The trolley cars of the association invite you to take a ride. Of course, the museum's treasures will also be presented on the turntable in turn. Those who want to take a souvenir home with them are sure to find something at the souvenir stalls in the engine shed. Hunger or thirst will be satisfied with delicacies from the grill and the famous pea soup from the Wittenberge volunteer fire brigade. All at a family-friendly price. Admission prices are € 8 for adults and € 4 for children. For families there is a family ticket for € 20.
The engine shed is open to visitors from 10 am on both days. On Saturday, visiting hours end at 5 pm, on Sunday at 4 pm (admission until one hour before). For those who still want to take that special photo, a photo session is recommended on Saturday from 5 p.m. (separate admission charge). Among other things, the mighty express steam locomotive 01 509 and one or two other exhibits from the museum's collection will be put in a photo-friendly light. The museum staff have already drafted a "script" for this. The photographers' wishes will be gladly taken into account.

08.04.2023: Season opening

Finally, the time has come again - the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge has opened its doors and is now available for you, dear visitors, to visit as usual. The museum is now regularly open for you on Saturdays until the end of October between 10 am and 5 pm (last admission 4 pm). We were delighted to welcome our first visitors on Easter Saturday.
Our anticipation is no less great for our Spring Festival 2023, which will take place on 6 and 7 May. You can find more details on our Dates page. We are currently preparing some highlights for this. Our operational steam locomotives are being polished and supplied with operating materials. By the way, on Saturday, 7 May 2023, we are organising a photo session for railway enthusiasts (separate entrance fee), in which our treasures will be put in the right (evening) light. Among other things, there will be a parade line-up with express steam locomotive 01 509.

But also the friends of big diesel locomotives will get their money's worth this time. This time, our diesel locomotive 114 774-3 will be an active participant.

It is one of the youngest representatives of the class V100 of the former German Reichsbahn. The locomotive was recently purchased by our association and we are now aiming for a complete overhaul of the machine so that it can once again be used freely on the network of Deutsche Bahn AG and private infrastructure operators. At our event, the locomotive will take its first steps under its own power.
Progress is also being made on our wagon 190 851. Now that the temperatures have slowly returned to a more pleasant range, the painting of the wagon could also be completed. In addition, new safety glass panes have been installed. This is a common safety measure nowadays when the wagon is to be used again.

The colleagues are also working diligently on our T174 excavator. In the meantime, the engine and the gearbox have been overhauled and a new clutch has been installed. In addition, the hydraulic pump and the compressor have been reinstalled. New brake cylinders could also be organised. You wouldn't believe it, but parts like these are still available for purchase. And this despite the fact that the production of the vehicles was stopped more than thirty years ago.

As you can see, a visit to our festival in May will definitely be worthwhile. Make a note of the date in your diary and ask your friends and relatives to come too. We look forward to your visit. If you would like to print out or send a small reminder, you can find the pdf version of our poster here. If you can display it somewhere publicly, that would also make us very happy. You can find the Poster here.

vehicles: 114 774-3, 190 851-6

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